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It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Take the opportunity to reflect on your logins and the app storing your passwords. More Info  #thesecureone

Once the cricket World Cup is over. I think I will be cancelling my Tav sports subscription. I watch cricket and the F1. I love F1, but the way things have been handled in the last 12 months means the sport is a laughing stock. 🏏🥅🏎️

iOS 16 : Is it just me or is it harder to review notifications when you swipe down ?

Apple and Amazon events have taken place and the announcement of new products have come and gone. For the first time, I am more interested in the Amazon Scribble than any Apple device. Even though, I have an iPad with a pencil. 🤔

I have not been using Matter for long. I do love the email, noticing I am not responding or actioning their recommendations in their app. So they are going to reduce their communications with me. Some may say it’s spying on me.

Oh, my. I think I need to slow down. Went for a walk and when I came back into the house, I left h the house keys in the lock of the outside door.

I have watched F1 for many years. This is the first time, I have to say it’s a waist of time and seems fixed. 🏎️

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