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It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Take the opportunity to reflect on your logins and the app storing your passwords. More Info  #thesecureone

Another day and another incident. Today it is Lastpass

I have been fortunate to be invited to talks from Mathew Syed and Michal Oshman in the last couple of months. One thing they were very similar on compared to other speakers, is questioning the status quo 🗣👍🏽

Anyone using the Medium Platform on here ? I have not in a long time. I was about to upload a post on a historic blog, which I have had for professional topics. When I realised that you can no longer post from the app and the iOS web app is dreadful.…

Green Bubble Bullying & Encryption

I have been a bit late with my new year posts. Too much thinking and scratching down ideas, and not enough posting. Here is one to keep you laughing about encryption. Let’s make encryption illegal. Green Bubble Bullying

Update : As soon as I posted this, I realised there was some seriousness to it. UK Government looks to undermine privacy

original podcast Via The Vergecast