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Oh, my. I think I need to slow down. Went for a walk and when I came back into the house, I left h the house keys in the lock of the outside door.

Write about your most embarrassing moment

Interesting question from the Day One App.

Mine was, skipping an economics lesson at the age of 16/17. As I walked past the building, I was distracted by a fellow student in that class, shouting from the window. I walked into a lamppost.

I decided to go off for a browse around the shops yesterday and as it’s less than an hour away from me, I drove to Bicester to see what the expensive shops had on sale. Long story short. Not a lot, …

I spent two weeks in Greece. I came back all relaxed and then felt rough for a few days. No covid and I put it down to germs on the plane. A few days later, we go to London and I come back feeling rough again. I think I am allergic to people 🤣

I finished Better Call Saul a couple of weeks ago. Now addicted watching Breaking Bad. Not good for getting up in the morning 🥱

After years of using a Moka pot and cafetière, moving back to a coffee machine. Coffee lovers, please do not be mean ☕️😂

My first visit. A very odd experience and impressive at the same time. Scary, the amount of data that must be collected for this to work.

Wembley Stadium 🏟 looking fresh this morning. I’m not sure how people cope, living so close to it.

Sun Cream on offer as you leave a hotel in London. Why do more places not offer this? Note, I have never heard it be called sun gel before.