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Day 7 - Midori Notebook. Got to love the Japanese paper. Always nice opening up a new notebook. #stationaryaddictmunishp📝 📷

Delayed Day 6 of Stationary Addict and a variety of B6 pocket notebooks #stationaryaddictmunishp #tedbaker #evernote #paulsmith #moleskin

Day 5 of Stationry Addict, Lamy A5 notebook with Lamy 2000 Pencil #Lamy #stationaryaddictmunishp 📓✒️

Day 4- Stationary Addict meets Rhodia dotted paper #rhodia #bulletjournal #stationaryaddictmunishp ✒

The paper is recycled limestone and although beautiful to touch, its rather odd to write on. The pen comes in a beautiful case, which I will have to share in another post. The typical Paul Smith vibrant colours and style.

#stationaryaddictmunishp #paulsmith #pen

Day 2 of Stationary Addict brings Paul Smith to the table.

Flagged by the Union Jack, made in Italy and finished with the Porsche Design Shaker pen. This is the beauty of a small and pocketable notebook. #stationaryaddictmunishp 📓✒️ #porschedesign #paulsmith

Whilst cleaning out my study to make space for a new desk, i realised I have lots of different of stationary. Notebooks, pens and even the odd fancy pencil. I am going to bore you all with some …