Dear Son…

I started my professional blog here on Medium , as a place to share my thoughts about the industry and the latest happenings around the world for those who were interested. I thank the nearly 2,000 subscribers and followers for their comments and updates over the years and look forward to continue sharing my professional views on the ever so fast changing profession. Cyber Security is so well known now, there is always going to be something to talk about. All the post will be under the Cyber Security Section at the top of this page.

Son, what is going to change, is the central purpose of this blog. It is still going to be Called The Secure One in Medium, because that is me. However, now it will focus on professional, personal and everything else too. My likes, dislikes, passions and reviews on everything going on in our lives as one big family.

Why do this now?

Well there are two main reasons really.

  1. I have decided that 2019 should be about me sharing more about me. Instead of trying to make the perfect journal entry, blog post or photo…I need to just get on with living and enjoying and spend less time trying to make things perfect. This is why i would like this blog to be more about me as a person and drive forward awareness of the other side of my life.

  2. Medium is not the perfect platform; however, it will allow me to embed the photos, text and even odd piece of audio that is shared else where.

I find there are too many apps and services to share exeperices and opinions and everything gets lost with all the noise. At least with Medium, what i add can be downloaded and taken away. I am not going to see adverts tailored to my photos and so far, no one has moaned about what I have shared.

That is over and out for now and until next time. Ciao Ciao.