I love cricket and expected cricket to have moved on in the last 30 years. We have all tried to fit in throughout our lives and accepted comments as “banter”, knowing that we do not want to cause a scene. This is a mantra of the first generation immigrants (1950’s/60’s)who did not want to loose their jobs and wanted to work hard. A mindset that has slipped through to the generations below and meant we will accept racism as something that is part of every day life. Not everyone will,but there are many. It is not right and everyone needs to speak up. Azeem Rafiq has started the conversation in cricket and where it will go, no one knows. Those being targeted with racism are not the only ones to suffer.

Those who have not stood up and called out observing racism and bullying, are having to go against the majority and fight with their inner thoughts. They need to go against their own friends and stand up and speak. It’s only when they do, will a change come about. If not, cricket will suffer the most. Azeem Rafiq talking to MP’s 🏏