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Nice little addition to iOS 16 Accessibility feature. Turn your iPhone into a remote for another apple device like iPad. Settings>Accessibility > Control Devices . Play and pause from a distance.

For those on iOS 16. What are your thoughts on the battery percentage in the top right ? Aesthetically, I am not sure. 🔋🤔

After years of using a Moka pot and cafetière, moving back to a coffee machine. Coffee lovers, please do not be mean ☕️😂

My first visit. A very odd experience and impressive at the same time. Scary, the amount of data that must be collected for this to work.

Wembley Stadium 🏟 looking fresh this morning. I’m not sure how people cope, living so close to it.

Sun Cream on offer as you leave a hotel in London. Why do more places not offer this? Note, I have never heard it be called sun gel before.

Travelling to London for the first time since January 2020. Been a while and I am sure lots has changed under covid 🎡

Rhodes 2022. Sharing some photos of our trip.

Watching the sunset really fast, with Turkey in the background.

Good spot to chill and have a coffee ☕️

Secret spot to view the sea

A trip to the medieval town 🏰

Great food and treats.

Medieval Rhodes 🏰